Monday, August 17, 2015

Post-surgical update...GREAT NEWS!

Just over a week ago mom underwent a double mastectomy after 4 rounds of chemo. Her recovery after surgery has been amazing...due in part to the people that stopped in for a visit, brought meals, and helped out in other ways. Seriously, every time I called to check on her someone was there visiting or someone else had brought a casserole. It meant a lot to her and really kept her spirits up. All the help also helped me feel better since I was far away and wanted to be there to help, it meant a lot to Dad because he had to go back to work after the first few days, and it really helped Jacque who was trying to make sure mom's ladies were well taken care of while she was also checking in on Mom.

Today Mom had her follow up appointment with the surgeon. The tumor itself had shrunk and from what we understand there was no sign of cancer left...meaning the chemo drugs did what they were supposed to do. They are still waiting on results from the lymph nodes, but overall the report is the best we could have hoped for. After she recovers from surgery it sounds like she will have radiation and continue with one of her chemo drugs. But overall the report is positive.

Thank you for all the prayers, casseroles, visits, acts of services, cards, kind words, and general support. We are excited that she is recovering so well. The Greene family is headed her way on Wednesday and we are all looking forward to some much needed family time. We haven't all been together since Christmas.