Saturday, June 16, 2012

Salute your shorts

During the early 90's I spent many hours sitting on the couch watching doubt a big contribution to my weight issues. One of my favorite shows was "Salute Your Shorts", a show about summer camp. Later I would live the dream and worked at camp for three glorious summers. Right now we are en route to the warrior dash and I feel the need to salute one of the most loyal shorts. A black pair of Adidas shorts that have been my companion for almost nine years. They have sustained me for countless workouts. They have accepted me at every number on the scale. At the height of my pregnancies they expanded to hug my belly. At my new weight they are slightly too big...but going to give them one more run at the warrior dash...just like last year. Except for a hem that is coming out they look as good as the day I first wore them. Loyal to me as any golden retriever. I almost chose a different pair out of vanity this morning because the size is less flattering, but I decided to stay as loyal to them as they have been to me. Sustaining. Accepting. Durable. Loyal. Kinda describes the guy right next to me. Saluting my shorts (and my man) on this warrior dash day.

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