Sunday, September 18, 2011

Top 5 things I took for granted

After this past week of 2 kids with strep throat while hubby was out of town, I have a new appreciation for some things I take for granted...

1. Clorox wipes...even though I feel environmentally guilty, when trying to keep the house clean and (mostly) free of germs, they were a sanity saver. I already had enough laundry piling up...

2. My oldschool 2 cup coffeemaker...I'm not trendy enough and definitely too frugal to get a Keurig. But being able to make a small amount quickly and easily helped me make it through the days after the sleepless nights.

3. Netflix...say what you will about them upping their price or their lack of options on the instant viewing, for us watching endless episodes of Spiderman, Backyardigans, and Glee helped us make it through with sanity in check. And we didn't have to watch the same Dora DVD's over and over again!

4. Email...I know, now it's almost a dinosaur. My college students never seem to check theirs. But for a few mamas stuck in the house with sick kiddos, it was a lifeline. Sure, texting is great and was utilized by yours truly, but to truly express the exasperation of ANOTHER sleepless night, more than 160 characters are needed.

5. My husband...please say I'm not the only one guilty of this. When he was going to be gone this past week I figured it would be no big deal. I had cleared my work schedule and had visions of a field trip or evenings watching movies after the kids went to bed. Instead our field trips were to the doctor and the only reason I was up watching movies was to rock a feverish 3 year old. Life would have been a bit more bearable had my better half been home to give me an hour of respite to get to the store without sick kids...and he's just good company in general.

So here's to a week I never want to repeat and to the 5 things I hugged an extra time or two this weekend.

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