Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The amazing power of Windex

If you ever watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", you'll remember the bride's dad thought Windex was good for everything. At the time this totally perplexed me. At that stage in my life I can't say that I owned any Windex (or even the off brand, I'm a generic kinda girl). I did have one little mirror to clean in my apartment, so maybe I did. But I definitely had never cleaned any windows. When Andrew and I got married he owned like 4 or 5 bottles of Windex...why, I'm not sure. I still never washed windows until about a year ago when I realized our windows flipped in so I could easily wash them from the inside. It's a glorious job that doesn't have to be done five minutes my kitchen floor or the laundry.

But that is not why I like, no love, my generic window cleaner. About a year ago I was painting my nails for a date...and I dropped hot pink fingernail polish all over my carpet. Polish remover just resulted in a spreading of the product. So a quick internet search revealed a few options...I tried windex. Sprayed on the spot and then blotted. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And guess what? No pink floor. Since then I've used it to take pen and maker off the rug (I do have 2 little kids), and some blue yogurt.

It cleans windows (although my technique leaves a lot to be desired). It cleans mirrors. It gets some crazy products out of my carpet. Now if only it would do my laundry...

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