Friday, July 6, 2012

How I made $3000 yesterday

It's been hot. Really hot. And apparently the heat removes all of my common sense when it comes to money. As in during a hot, uncomfortable moment I'd probably pay $100 for a Popsicle that was half eaten. And yesterday was one of those days. I started thinking about our van and the lack of rear air. As the driver it doesn't affect me. I can generally always have a cool flow of air blowing right on me, only to look back at my two little ones who are hot, hot, hot. And the extreme heat had me ready to throw out all debt free-ness to get some wheels that provided everyone with air conditioning. (And while we were at it, a few other luxuries as well). 

Then I grabbed a bit of common sense (only a nibble) and looked at vehicles online that we could pay cash for if traded in our vehicle. Best case scenario, we would have had to pay about $3000 for the upgrade. I was ready to take money out or savings and buy, buy, buy...knowing nothing of the history of the vehicle. And as you know from yesterday's post, we are trying to save up cash to move. So I was totally torn. I could easily justify the spending. Luckily the little voice in my head (along with texts from my husband) reminded me we had other goals in mind and needed to find another solution.

Instead of going for the newer vehicle, I went to our local StuffMart and got two clip on auto fans to blow on the kids. Yes, if there was any doubt before as to our redneck status, I think this makes it official.

$24 cooling system

The kids think they are awesome. And by practicing restraint I made $3000.

Think how easy it would have been for me to go test drive, finance, and drive away a brand new vehicle. Probably less time consuming than buying and opening our debt free cooling system. That is one of the sad parts about our debt culture. It takes almost no time or thought to suddenly find yourself in chains.

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  1. Update on the cheap cooling get what you pay for:) After a week had went by they were making too much noise, not working properly (the fans, not the kids). So I returned the fans and let the kids pick out little hand held fans. They aren't great, but they do help cool them down while the front cool air makes it way back. AND the whole process helped cool down my "need" for a new van.