Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cereal Sunday Night

The best tradition I have ever started in our house is "cereal Sunday night." Almost without fail, Sunday night is cereal. Period. (Milk optional). Why?

A. I just really need one meal a week that is totally simple and not messy in preparation or clean up.

B. If I get my kitchen really clean after lunch on Sunday, it can stay that way until Monday! (As an extra bonus today, my family ate their cereal outside. My kitchen is still sparkling...a record amount of time since having kids).

C. The family is always excited about it and always eats what is served (versus the meals when I take a long time preparing something my kids usually love only to hear "Yuk. I hate _____________).

D. We often have a big Sunday noon meal, so the Sunday evening meal doesn't really need to be as big.

E. Menu planning for Sunday nights...always done.

I know other families that do popcorn, leftovers, carry out pizza, or other breakfast foods on Sunday nights. Do yourself a favor. Make Sunday nights simple.

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