Friday, March 2, 2012

Goal, goals, goals.

AKA Feb book report and date night.

So my 2 yearly goals this year are AWESOME goals. Goal 1: Read one fiction and one non-fiction book per month. Goal 2: A date night (or day) each month with the hubs.

So how did I do?

Books: I read Quitter: Bridging the Gap Between Your Dream Job and Your Day Job by Jon Acuff (review below) for my non-fiction book. On the fiction side, I got sucked into The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I actually waited until the last minute to read it, literally finishing it at 10:31 pm on 2-29 (thanks, leap year). I had my reservations before reading it. Just the description made me wary of the violence. But even dealing with the depravity we would see in the face of survival or death, I felt the violence was mostly alluded to and not so graphic (I don't know that the movie will be as kind in that department). So I was sucked into the world of Katniss and will be reading the next book in the trilogy for March.

Date night: Check. Although I made Andrew go clothes shopping for most of it (I promised not to do that again). Up for March: an overnight away to celebrate our 9th anniversary (which isn't until May, but you get away when you can get away).

So how about you? Did you set goals for the year? How are they going? Why not try setting a goal for March, like "I will walk 3 times a week" or "I will make my lunch at home to save money on eating out" or "I will write 5 encouragement cards this month"?

Review of Quitter
I needed this book. And unless you are endlessly, hopelessly in love with your job, you'd probably benefit from it too. If you've had a "dream job", say you've always wanted to open your own pottery shop, but have no idea how to get there, Jon's own experiences can guide you to that place without bankrupting your family and relationships. I have no grand aspirations for a pottery shop or to be a skydiving instructor, but I did need to get some direction on how I could like my current job more (he spends a whole chapter on that) and identify areas I need as part of any job I'm going to love, which for me is communicating through writing and speaking, mentoring, teaching, and variety. For me, that doesn't mean I have a specific "dream job" I'm working toward, but it will keep me in trying to do more of those things in my current positions and any future job or career changes I make need to have those aspects in it or I will be greatly dissatisfied. And maybe someday I'll see a "dream job", but I really see an unlimited number of options for how that could play out and how it will change and evolve over my lifetime.

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