Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today was my someday

It all started with an email. A daily article from with tips on how to cut the clutter in our homes. For weeks I'd been staring at my closet thinking it was time to do a bit of purging. But I kept waiting for "someday." So I made today someday. I went through my closet and got rid of clothes that just didn't look right or frankly that I didn't like. I went through totes in the basement...mainly clothing that fit me a year ago but now is too big. I'd gotten rid of most of my larger sized clothing, but I was holding onto a few nice pieces "just in case..." I decided it was time to fully part with that part of my life. To truly say good-bye to my old self. So a large garbage bag of clothes (don't even get me started on letting go of my t-shirt collection) headed out the door. I did what you should do when you do a closet purge...take all the items directly to the car and as quickly as possible take them to their new "home". All too often I try to clear the closet, then the bags and boxes sit and I get sentimental about a t-shirt or pair of pants. (For a long time I kept the shirts Andrew and I wore on our first date.) C'mon, they were just shirts! And it feels refreshing. Empty totes. Decluttered closet.

But I didn't stop there. I decided to take on another of my procrastination I want to try. Some of you are great at seeing a new recipe on pinterest and trying it almost immediately. I have email folders and pinterest boards and word documents filled with recipes to try "someday," yet continue to make the same old recipes. I decided for once to try a new recipe. So first I whipped up a recipe that came in my email today: Easy Whole Wheat Flatbread. I'd recently tried "Hungry Girl Flat Out Flatbreads: Olive Oil and Rosemary" and fell in love. The problem? They were expensive and most definitely highly processed (though highly yummy). I didn't think you could actually make your own flatbread without a culinary degree, but this flatbread recipe looked easy enough. So I tried it. Not too shabby. The only change I'd make next time is to use white whole wheat flour. I used true stone ground whole wheat flour which I liked, but the kids probably wouldn't eat them. I also may try to use the whole recipe for a pizza crust. It probably wouldn't be as good as my favorite honey whole wheat pizza crust in the bread machine, but it would be quick and easy.

But wait! There's more! And oh it so worth it. I'd been seeing these "no bake energy bites" on facebook and pinterest. They contained some of my favorite ingredients: chocolate chips, peanut butter, chocolate chips, coconut, chocolate chips, honey, chocolate chips, flax, chocolate chips, and oatmeal...YUM! And depending on what actual forms of the ingredients you use, they'd be a fairly non-processed treat. But you also have to use caution. Almost every ingredient is calorie dense...meaning each bite carries a whole lot of calories. (They could equally be called "no bake calorie bites, but I digress). For me, this recipe is definitely more of a "treat" recipe than a daily snack, but when it comes to treats I personally prefer to have whole food based treats over processed treats that may be lower calories but void of any nutrition or taste.  I loved the energy bite (yes, I just had one). Instead of making them into balls I placed it all in an 8x8 pan and cut them into 16 pieces. At that ratio, each "bite" was about 150 calories. For a normal granola bar sized piece you'd be looking at 300 calories. That's why I know I have to exercise caution even with this "healthy whole food."  I could have easily eaten the whole pan (3200 calories worth) but armed with knowledge I stuck to just one for today.

Most likely tomorrow will be highly unproductive, but for today I feel strangely energized by getting a few things off of my "someday" list. Now for the other 100 ideas waiting on my pinterest boards...

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