Thursday, August 16, 2012

I lost the weight...trying not to let it find me again.

It's been about 5 months since I hit my goal weight. And I'm happy to say that thus far, I've stayed in the 5 pound range I set for myself. Now honestly, 5 months is not a long time when it comes to weight maintenance. The one and two year marks are big milestones...a majority of "losers" gain the weight back in the first year. There are sooooo many reasons, but I think one of the biggest ones is simply that it is HARD to keep the weight off. It seems everything: our biology, psychology, environment, societal pressures, and cupcakes all seem to be working against us. Today I'm battling a big one...CRAVINGS.

Not just "hmmm, chocolate sounds good" kind of craving. The "I literally could cry because I want something rich, decadent, and chocolately" kind of craving.

It came out of nowhere. After a recent vacation where I found myself at the top of my "healthy" weight range, so I'm back to eating a more regulated eating plan until I get a handle on the indulgences of summer. And I'd been doing quite well. The pants are loosening, the veggies are plentiful, and my energy levels are great. And the cravings were gone.

Until today.

Chalk it up to the stormy weather, hormones, stress, and Pinterest. (Darn you, pinterest!)

Usually I would go outside and be active to occupy my time. My fear of lightning keeps me inside. So I decided to clean. Unfortunately the kitchen was what needed to be cleaned. Which is where the graham crackers found me. I had one and realized if I did not step away I would eat the whole box. And they aren't even that good. It took some positive self talk. "I'm not going to eat that because I chose to eat healthier." Luckily I don't keep much in the house in terms of the rich junk food I'm craving...except for the birthday cupcakes in the fridge for Aaron's birthday. But when I got them (yes, I bought them, so I didn't have the temptation of licking the bowl), I looked at them and said "I will not eat you." The fellow shoppers at Walmart may have thought it crazy, but then again, it was Walmart.

Setting up an environment that does not easily lend itself to unhealthy eating is key to weight loss and weight maintenance (Dr. Phil was right on at least one thing).

So I haven't given in. And I won't. And it will pass. (or you may find me in a chocolate coma, equally plausible).

I feel like weight maintenance is a game of hide and seek from my former pounds. It's about finding a good hiding spot...staying away from overeating triggers and situations, planning meals, and sometimes literally running (or rather, shuffling). But even in my best fortress, some days old habits pop up and say "boo!" And part of me wants to give in to the wreckless abandon of eating a whole pan of brownies. But the better part of me knows the end product of staying the course is worth it.

That doesn't mean I'll never mess up. And it doesn't mean I won't ever purposely indulge in some heavenly chocolate birthday is in two weeks and I fully intend on having SOMETHING yummaliciuos. But I do know that if I really want to maintain a healthy weight, I need to chose right over want 95% of the time.

So hide your eyes and count, former weight...I'll be running to my next hiding spot!

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