Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The call. (Part II)

Meeting Dave before being on the radio. Aaron's face is priceless. Looking for suggestions for a caption.

While I was on the phone with Dave, the kids were loving the attention from Dave's staff.
Martha's Place was wonderful!

Signing the wall. I wrote "Thank you for changing our family tree."

Of course in the middle of the night Friday night I woke up thinking about how I should have said something different and regretted not taking more time to talk with some of the other "debt free screamers" that were there that day. But I had prayed before going on air that anything I said wouldn't be for my own glory, but that it might inspire others to trust God in handling their money. And just so I don't make myself sound too noble, I was hoping that my debt free scream would have impressed Dave so much that I would have received a job offer as a professional call-in guest or something. Yes, sometimes I think of myself much more highly than I should.

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