Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making the most...

Raise your hand if you can tell me the #1 thing parents of young children hear over and over and over and over again...

They grow up so fast.

Or some variation thereof: Don't blink. Let them be little. I wish I would have played more with my kids. Next thing you know they are leaving the nest...

And I know, I KNOW, it is absolutely true. But how do you capture every moment and not get bogged down in the to do list? (If someone knows, please tell me).

I often struggle with not making the most of every moment. I often focus to much on getting done with tasks and moving on to the next thing rather than enjoy the moment now. Occasionally, I get it right and savor the moment. Sunday during church was one of those lucky days. Aaron was sitting on my lap, wiggling. A few minutes after the service started I noticed a college freshman walk in with a very tired look in his eyes. I thought "too soon, that will be my son." So that day, I let him wiggle and dance and play with my face during worship instead of trying to get him to sit still. I enjoyed his little giggle while he gave mommy fishy lips. And I even let him stay out of "big kid class" and join my in the nursery because he just wanted some mommy time.

I wish everyday I took in the moment the way I did that day. The small moments. The ones I'll miss the most. I don't know when the day will come that the kids decide they are too big to sit on mom's lap or at what point I will become "embarrassing" instead of "awesome". But I want to make the most of the moments, because my daughter just got her first loose tooth and surely that means if I'm not careful, the next time I wake up, she'll be going to prom.

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